LinkedIn To Remove ‘Products & Services’ Tab By April 14th 2014

Anyone who runs a LinkedIn Company Page should take note of the fact that the business network has announced it will be retiring the ‘Products & Services’ tab, effective from April 14th 2014. All page owners should have received an email from LinkedIn, but if you haven’t been made aware of the changes, here’s what the network had to say about the removal of the feature:

Linked In Company Pages

While you can back up your LinkedIn profile with SocialSafe, unfortunately the information contained on LinkedIn Company Pages is not available via the network’s API. Therefore it cannot be backed up to your SocialSafe library, nor any other backup service. However, we would always advocate the policy of backing up wherever possible.

So in this instance it might be worth having someone spend a little time perhaps manually copying the content from these pages into a Word document, just so that the information is readily available should an equivalent feature appear at a later date, and so that the initial work that went into creating your Products & Services tab doesn’t all go to waste.

What has your experience of LinkedIn Company Pages been so far? Have they helped provide you with useful information as a consumer or customer? Has having one noticeably improved your company’s social reach? Let us know what you think of LinkedIn Company Pages and share your experiences with others.

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