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Why SocialSafe Users Are Unaffected By Heartbleed

The Heartbleed security vulnerability  caused by an OpenSSL issue is affecting many websites and web-based services, forcing users to update their login information. Not only is there the hassle of having to change a lot of passwords, but there’s also the fact that if your details were stolen then the thief would have access to the contents of that account, whether it be emails, social networks, or cloud storage.

SocialSafe users will be pleased to know that because they store all of their backed up social network content on their own machines, there is no SocialSafe Heartbleed risk posed by the OpenSSL issue. Unlike other backup services that are web-based and which hold your backed up content and then require you to login to access it, SocialSafe removes this risk by downloading it directly to your computer, giving you control over your content.

Our key mantra here at SocialSafe has always been that it’s your data, and therefore you should be the one to control it. Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day, but give him a net, and he can feed himself permanently. We’ve adopted the same approach. By giving you the tools (SocialSafe) to download and view your social network content, you don’t need to depend on a web-based service to retrieve, stored, and ultimately grant you access to your data.

While Heartbleed is obviously an incredibly serious issue with potentially disastrous consequences, it is also a wake-up call to internet users at large. As long as individuals’ data is scattered across in the web in different places and not under their own control, there will always be an exponential risk associated with storage, access and security.


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