Facebook Outages – Can You Access Your Content In An Emergency?

At the end of last week some Facebook users were unable to log in to the social network, instead encountering the following error message:

facebook down

It didn’t appear to be a complete outage, as the issue only affected some users. However, as Facebook is increasingly used as an online ID to log in to more and more sites and services, any Facebook downtime can have further reaching effects than simply not allowing you to access the social network itself:

[tweet https://twitter.com/joedawsonnn/statuses/464916690716065792 align=’center’]

According to a spokesperson, the outage is now fixed, and a message on Facebook’s Platform Status page confirms that the sitewide issues were resolved in the early hours of Saturday morning.

While a minor outage only affecting some users, it does go to show that even without the malevolent interference of hackers, there is always a risk that you could be separated from your data if you entrust all of it to someone else to look after for you.

It’s easy to forget how much important information can be held on social networks – just think about all of the addresses, timings and other details that we take for granted as being available 24/7. The only way to be sure that you’re doing all you can to ensure you are able to search for something said on or contained on your social networks is to keep your own copy of your data.

At SocialSafe we believe that you should be the single biggest owner of your data, so if you want to download your Facebook Messages, back up your tweets, download your tagged photos and more, start your very own SocialSafe library now for free.