Real Estate Magnate Hides Cash Then Tweets Clues To Its Whereabouts

Many accounts on Twitter promise to help you make more money, or indeed save you money, but none quite in the same way as this enigmatic user from California. Using the account handle @HiddenCash, this mystery user is hiding sums of cash in public places, then posting pictures and clues as to their whereabouts on Twitter. Prior to posting the clues, @HiddenCash will also tweet ahead of time to let its followers know that a ‘drop’ is imminent.

The account was created less than a week ago, yet already over $5,000 has been found by @HiddenCash’s followers in the San Francisco Bay area alone. Further drops are continuing around the state of California, with the residents of Los Angeles and San Jose already benefiting from the mystery tweeter’s acts of kindness.

When someone finds the hidden Benjamins, there is an accompanying note with instructions on how to alert @HiddenCash to the fact that the money has been found, and in turn continue the game.

Here’s an example of how the whole thing works:

First the clue…

And then the tweet from the jubilant person who found the hidden green…

 No one knows who the generous person leaving money parcels around California is, although the person or group behind these kind acts sent an anonymous email to TIME to explain the reasoning behind their actions:

“I have made my fortune in real estate, and have been able to accumulate multiple properties, whereas so many people can’t afford to buy a house or even a small condo in San Francisco. People who work just as hard or harder than me. So I wanted to give back … But I also wanted to do something that would give back in a fun way, and get people involved.”

This isn’t the first time Twitter has been used to broadcast clues for finding hidden physical goodies. Scottish band Biffy Clyro recently hid concert tickets around the towns local to the venue on the day of their shows and alerted their followers in a similar fashion to @HiddenCash.

Are you from California and are you following @HiddenCash? Have you tried to look for any of the money? Let us know how you get on!