Ch-ch-ch-ch changes

Many of you should have seen yesterday’s email announcing our new name, but for those of you that didn’t…

We’re changing our name!

We’re really excited to announce that very soon we will expand the types of sources you can bring together into your personal library, going way beyond those the app currently supports. You will soon be able to grow your personal library into something so much more powerful than it already is today. More on that soon.

As our vision expands however we thought the time was right to change our name to Digi Me. This represents ‘your digital life’ and not just your social network life. We’ll be making the transition over the coming weeks.

socialsafe name change to digi me

So how does this affect you? Well, nothing changes until v7 which is due later this month. As we work hard on making the transition to the new brand, we just wanted to let you know that you may see both the Digi Me and SocialSafe logos together. The app is still the same, it’s still the same team, you still own and control your data and it’s still completely private.

We’re about to embark on some major updates in the coming weeks which we will fill you in on later but just wanted to give you the heads up while we transition to our new brand name.

We’d love to know what you think of the new name; just hit reply and let us know.  We’re really pleased with the feedback we’ve had so far from yesterday’s email.

Thanks for being such an important part of our growing community and we hope you’ll enjoy the next chapter where we break new ground as Digi Me.

From all of the SocialSafe Digi Me Team

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  1. seit dem Update auf 7.0 geht nichts mehr habe 14 berichte nach der Fehlermeldung Gesendet Nichts ,habe 3 Mails gesendet Nichts nicht mal eine Bestätigung ich komme mir ziemlich Verarscht vor sammel zwei Jahre meine Daten und jetzt geht nichts mehr. Update neu Runtergeladen Nichts nur Fehlermeldung und das war’s Support Antwort Keine weder auf dem PC noch auf dem Laptop war also Alles umsonst Geld habt ihr genommen und dann werden die Nutzer Stehen Gelassen ,kein Zugriff mehr auf meine Daten. Bei Facebook Geschrieben Keine Antwort und hier wird bestimmt auch nichts kommen ,bin echt Sauer das ihr die Nutzer so Linkt Schade Schade 🙁

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