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Friday Fun: 13th… Lucky For Some!

Friday 13th is renowned globally for being the unluckiest day of the year but is this right?  If we look into the superstition in detail there is no history of this phenomenon prior to the 19th century.  On the surface it appears that Friday is known to be the unluckiest day of the week and 13 the unluckiest number in some parts of the world.  But let’s put this into context…

Friday: The last day of the working week… Lucky for us the following day is the weekend! However in mariners circles this day is seen as unlucky. Most of us however are not going to be on the water today so for us that is a good thing….

Number 13: Whilst in some countries such as Italy 13 is considered a lucky number, it is more often associated with bad luck. Often you will find in a tall building floor 13 doesn’t exist or has been re-numbered!

Combining these two things apparently is really bad… However 1 + 1 doesn’t always equal 2… So if you are more optimistic then why not think positively today and share all the good things that happen to you during the course of your day!  It is better to get used to Friday the 13th now than worry about it as we have three this year in February, March and November!

PS Don’t forget it’s Valentines Day tomorrow! It would be very unlucky to forget that if you need to arrange a surprise for a loved one!