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Friday Fun: It’s Your Life – Quotes

We’ve had a bit of a celebrity theme on the blog this week due to the Oscars coming up this weekend and we thought we would continue the theme.  This time however we want to share your favourite celebrity quotes on your favourite social network and tag them with #itsmylife

Think about which quote really represents you and your life.  Why does that particular quote resonate with you? You may just find that one comes up this Sunday during the Oscars that you just have to share!

Here’s my favourite celebrity quote:

“I think people sometimes don’t pay enough attention to what they do. I’ve done well, but the reason is pretty simple: I’ve worked my ass off. The toughest thing a performer can do is make it look as if it comes easy.” – Justin Timberlake

It resonates with me because it is important to me that I work hard and know what I have achieved for the effort that I have put in.  If I find that I am putting lots of effort in and am not getting the results then I’m doing something wrong…