Announcements Showcase at Digital Catapult on 27th April have been chosen as an exemplar in our field and have been given the opportunity to showcase our technology at Digital Catapult on the 27th April.  The key themes that we will be discussing at this event will be the change in control with regard to sharing as well as the internet of things and interoperability.

We wanted to share this exciting news with you and share a little about Digital Catapult as we know that some of you in our community are also start-ups.  We hope that by sharing this news it inspires some of you to give something new a go and also to start some conversations in the digital space on topics like the internet of things.

What is the Digital Catapult?
The Digital Catapult is a national centre to rapidly accelerate the UK’s best digital ideas to market creating new products, services, jobs and value for the UK economy.

The focus of Digital Catapult is on data and metadata – on the data value chain. This is how we describe the ways in which people and organisations create, collect, transport and analyse data. Specifically, we help UK businesses unlock new value from sharing proprietary data in faster, better and more trusted ways.

Our focus is on four challenge areas:
• Closed Organisational Data: Creating secure environments that allow UK organisations to safely mix their closed data and open it up to innovators.
• Personal Data and Trust: Helping to overcome the challenges of creating trust in the use of personal data.
• Creative Content: Unlocking new value in the creative industries by making the reuse of creative content easier; firstly by working with the Copyright Hub to reduce licensing friction.
• The Internet of Things: Sharing and generating IoT data. Being a convening force in creating large-scale Internet of Things demonstrators.