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Friday Fun: Eurovision 2015

This weekend in Europe is known to many of us as Eurovision weekend! It is the 60th year of the contest with 40 participating countries including Australia as a guest country!

This is the weekend where TV’s are tuned into music from across Europe and everyone is shouting at their TV about who to vote for. For some there may even be Eurovision parties to attend and even a bit of a sing along.

Eurovision Party

Along side all this mayhem pictures are taken and shared on social media sites for all to witness. But what happens next?  Well obviously there is the inevitable embarrassing moment when you realize you’ve just been caught singing along to a song in a language you don’t understand and no one has a clue what you are singing.

You’ve been tagged and your moment is captured for all your friends to laugh about. What do you do?  Un-tag yourself… laugh it off as a bit of fun, or hide with utter embarrassment!

Well before you decide to untag yourself save the moment with so that at least you can find it again and have a good giggle.

You can also look back to last year and see what fun pictures you and your friends shared last Eurovison!  Why not re-share the moment and relive the experience!

Anyone fancy making any predictions… Obviously being a Brit I want the UK to win… Who wins your vote?