Birthday Celebrations for!

Today is our birthday!  Yes we are a year older and a year wiser!  We just wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who uses regularly.  Without you we wouldn’t be celebrating our birthday today so simply put today is all about you our users.

Over the past 12 months you have seen move from SocialSafe to it’s new brand and home  We’ve released the following new features:

  • The app now supports Emoticons & Facebook Stickers, with more being added over the coming weeks.
  • Password protection now includes a ‘Remember me’ option for ease of access
  • There’s a whole new view called ‘Flashback’ which enables you to stumble across treasured memories
  • We’ve integrated a ‘Send to’ Evernote option
  • More languages have been added: Greek, Estonian, Russian & Romanian 🙂
  • Our PDF Export feature now includes multilingual support.
  • We’’ve rebuilt the way content is stored for vastly improved security and speed and to lay the foundations for shared libraries. You’ll notice super sized photos throughout your library, improving Journal, Collections and Search. You can also now look at all your interactions with a friend just by clicking on them. Additionally, we’ve brought in support for comments on album/multiple photo posts and the much requested linking to original posts. Finally, as you may have noticed by now, we’re transitioning to our new Digi Me name so you have a shiny new app icon to click. After restarting the app, it is important that you follow the prompts to back up, update and protect your existing library.

Alongside all those new goodies we’ve also made enhancements to the existing features.

We look forward to making the next year even more exciting with lots more new features and functionality.  Watch this space for more details about what is to come and if you really can’t wait why not take a look at our roadmap!

If you have enjoyed help us celebrate by giving us a shout out on Twitter.  We are also still accepting people onto our early adopter programme, so if that is of interest to you please do sign up here.

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