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Friday Fun: Bring Back The Sun

Inevitably the school holidays start and the children are back at home for the 6 weeks of summer and the first thing that happens is it rains! What do you do… You can’t exactly send them outside to play in the rain and unless they are little they seem to be glued to the TV or computer.

Since we aren’t miracle workers here and can’t bring the sun back we thought we would bring you some top tips for how to find things for your children to do using your social networks.

My favourite resource for this is actually Pinterest because so many parents have had the same issue and the best of the resources have been pinned so many times that they come to the surface really easily.  So your first point of call is to do a Pinterest search for rainy day activities.  Just remember to try and give an age approximation – 18 month old, toddler, teenager etc. that way you will find the most appropriate pins.

Sometimes just browsing through your Facebook profile helps as you may see other parents have done some activities that you could do with your children. Make sure you like or leave a comment so that you can find these again another day. (You can always use the search feature to find them again then. Facebook search doesn’t tend to be much help unfortunately)

I don’t tend to find Twitter that useful for finding ideas and activities unless I ask my followers.  Sometimes it is just worth asking people to see what things they come up with.  Maybe ask what activities they did as a child on a rainy day.  That always comes back with some great suggestions.

What top tips do you have for those wet and rainy summers days when the children are full of energy…

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