Announcements and Lunar Mission One to send memories to the Moon has signed a deal with Lunar Mission One which will give our supporters the incredible opportunity to leave digital memories on the Moon.

Our app will give anyone who wants to the ability to create digital memory boxes that will reserve your place in space for future generations of space travellers to discover and enjoy.

To join us today and make your own history, all you have to do is use our app (download here if needed) to help you gather your most memorable moments from across your social media accounts.

You will be able to use images and text uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts, as well as your memories stored locally on your computer, to create your Digital Time Capsule, which will travel with Lunar Mission One to the Moon in 2024.

Julian Ranger, founder and Chairman of, said: “ already allows you to take back control of personal information spread all over the web and hold it in one place where you can make it work for you. Now you can create your very own digital time capsule and select the best memories of you to send to the Moon.

“Both myself and are avid supporters of space exploration and we are delighted to be joining Lunar Mission One in making history in this way.”

Lunar Mission One has also just launched the Footsteps on the Moon campaign, which is proud to support. Everyone across the world, whether they use our app or not, is invited to upload an image of their own footprints, feet or shoes to make a mark on the Moon for free.  These images will then be digitised by so that they can be sent to the Moon on the Astrobotic Lander in 2017. Find out more about the Footsteps on the Moon campaign here.

Angela Lamont, Director of Communications for Lunar Mission One, said: “This is very exciting for us and our supporters. Millions of people will be sending their very own private digital archives to the Moon with us in 2024 and the app now gives them the ability to start curating their own collections using data from their own computer, or anything they’ve ever posted to social media.”

Lunar Mission One is the first global and inclusive lunar mission, which was initially crowd-funded by a highly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014.

With its preparatory stage now complete, it now has teams in place to set up the mission, which will land at the as-yet-unexplored lunar south pole in 2024. It will carry equipment for scientific experiments, including a rig capable of drilling up to 100m into the Moon’s surface to analyse lunar geology on a scale never before attempted.

This borehole will then be used to deposit two archives; one compendium of life on Earth and one containing millions of private memory boxes created using, to give an epic picture of life on Earth in the 21st Century for discovery in a future far, far away.