Discussion Using digi.me

#8 (of 12) reasons to love digi.me – you can export your favourite bits!

Your accumulated personal social media network data is a huge and wonderful thing, but sometimes just seeing the bits you want is enough- which is where our gorgeous and speedy export facility comes in.

Taking for granted all the amazing features of digi.me mentioned in the blogs above (which you have read avidly around your Christmas mulled wine drinking and present wrapping, yes?) sometimes small can be beautiful, so on the 8th day of Christmas my (tired) true love gave to me – the gift of export!

Maybe you just have a favourite picture of all-time, or favourites of your children that you want to be able to jump to and look at whenever life gets a bit bleurghh for a feelgood boost.

Of course, you could (and probably should!) delve into your digi.me and find it there, amongst all its friends and loads of other pictures and posts from your past just waiting to be rediscovered, but sometimes there isn’t time for, well, anything that fun.

On those days, being able to view a single picture or small collections of posts and/or pictures is a great thing, and our export feature allows you to do just that.

Anywhere in the app where you can see the PDF and Evernote elephant icons in the ‘do more’ menu in the top right hand corner means download of content on that page is enabled – from a single photo to a whole Facebook album, for eg.

Clicking on either will ask you to select what content you want included – there is a select all button, or you can select individual items. Then press create (for a PDF), which brings up a box asking where you want the finished product exported to, before it is created in seconds. Best of all? These exports retain all the original likes and comments – so can recreate those feelgood moments in a heartbeat.

Everynote exports work in a very similar way, but when you’ve selected your items, you’re given the chance to give the finished note a title and select which of your existing notebooks it should go in, before it too is created in seconds, again with original likes and comments.

Should you want to pull together a more in-depth Collection using content from across a variety of your platforms, simply follow the guide here and then export it as a complete entity.

Can’t wait to get started? Well, excellent – because not only can you download digi.me instantly, but we have 50% off for the whole of December, so you couldn’t have picked a better time. Enjoy!