Discussion Using digi.me

#9 (of 12) reasons to love digi.me – add your own pictures and posts

Having all of your social network content in one place makes for a pretty comprehensive picture of you – but what about the things you didn’t post online? (gasp)

Because we know how important having a complete online picture of you is, one of the recent digi.me updates added the opportunity to add your own posts and pictures that hadn’t been previously shared to your journal.

And so on the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me – the chance to make the sum of my online life fully rounded.

Adding your own content couldn’t be easier – simply navigate to the journal view from the home page, and you’ll see an ‘Add something’ bar at the top, with a space waiting to be filled and the option to upload pictures.

Simply start typing, upload anything you want to, and it will be added to your online library on the day entered. Simples, as a certain Meercat might say. These personal entries can be organised into collections, and are searchable, as with all your other account information.

Of course, this is just one great feature among many, which include flashback, universal search, Collection curation and export and so many more. We’ve got new touches being added all the time, and have an iOS app in the works.

Find out just how digi.me can enrich your life by downloading it now – it’s 50% off in December so even more of a bargain than usual!