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Reliving past comments and likes again: #11/12 reasons to love digi.me

In a world where most of us have hundreds of pictures on our phones, digi.me gives your memories more depth by retaining the comments and likes from when you first posted them.

And so, for the 11th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…the ability to enjoy the past and bring it back to the present.

We post pictures and statuses about our lives to share key experiences, good and bad, with others. The reactions to those posts – outpourings of love, affection or virtual hugs – become part of the experience itself, but often this key element is quickly forgotten unless you go back through your social media history to find the original post – and in our busy and time-poor world, who often has the time to do that?

Enter digi.me – our app gives you the ability to download your posts and pictures from a range of popular platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and collect them in one, secure place to enjoy and share as you want.

But, crucially, the original likes and comments are retained, so not only are your pictures from across all platforms categorised and searchable by date in our automagic journal, they’re just as they were when you first posted them – even down to exactly who liked them.

This makes it easy to relive major events in our lives in full, as they first happened, again and again whenever we choose.

And you can do so much more with these pictures as well – still retaining the likes and comments. Export them via PDF or to Evernote, or create a Collection. Basically, enjoy them in the way that means the most to you.

Ready to start turbo-charging your memories ahead of the Christmas season? Then download digi.me now to try – as an added bonus, it’s 50% off until the end of December!