Discussion Using digi.me

YOU are the #12 reason to love digi.me (#1-11 are also very good!)

You unlocking the power of your data is arguably digi.me’s greatest gift as an app – and it’s only going to get more powerful in 2016.

digi.me’s current incarnation as a social media gathering tool, allowing you so much more enjoyment of, and insight into, your life is already a technological feat that has enriched hundreds of thousands of lives since it was launched.

But 2016 will see the start of a new control over personal data, bringing information about you, that is currently scattered across the web,  back to the person who can be most trusted with it.

And with that data centralising of a whole life, not just the online elements of it, will come greater benefits for you, directly.

Your data will be returned to you, starting with health and financials, and with that gathering enabled by digi.me will come the choice to exchange slices of it as and when you choose, in return for service, convenience and reward with businesses who you – and we – trust.

Our app will enable you to gather this data back together, but you will do it, not us, and so it will be yours alone. We will never be able to see your data or access it at any point, so all the control and choices exercised over it are yours to take.

It’s a revelation in the personal data economy that will benefit businesses who crave better, 100% accurate data, just as it will benefit you, with personalised benefits in return for sight of data you are happy to share.

A value exchange that is a true win-win for all involved – and it’s not just a dream, it’s very close to being a reality.

Download digi.me now, and you can be among the first to know of exciting new developments as they happen – it’s also 50% off for December as an added incentive!

Happy Christmas!