Data Privacy

The Internet of Me: are you up to speed?

The Internet of Me forum that we are sponsoring and supporting is already bubbling away with some very interesting ideas and conversations, and we don’t want you to miss out!

Designed to support and encourage the natural – and much needed – evolution of the personal data economy from a place where people have things done to their data to one where they are back in control of it, and at the centre of their connected world, it has already featured interviews with such luminaries as Doc Searls.

Below are some links to the latest and best content – do delve in, you won’t regret it!

Living fully human lives online is all about taking controls

Technological innovation tends to be disruptive by nature. It renders the old way obsolete by way of improvement. It changes things, offering us a different tomorrow. The pace of innovation is now so fast that we expect it even before we can anticipate the form it will take, and embrace solutions before we’re aware of the problem. Disruption has become the norm.

America has lost the world’s trust on personal data . . . so the UK can lead us into the future

While Silicon Valley might still be tech’s Mount Olympus, there is a vast, multibillion-dollar frontier ahead of us into which America cannot lead us. The United States has lost the moral authority to create the environment in which the value in our personal data can be unlocked by technological innovation and made to work in a way that balances the benefits to us with the needs of business.

Let’s hear it for the bad guys: What the Dark Web can teach us about trust

Drug dealers, pornographers, gun runners, hackers and cyber criminals — shifty, unreliable and untrustworthy types, right? They certainly don’t feature in many surveys of the most trusted business sectors. And yet when it comes to trust as the foundation for how we both live our lives and engage with businesses online, it seems criminals can teach us all a lesson or two.

Ad tech: A blockheaded way of doing things

Victory is ours for the taking. We have been handed the weapons we need to strike the decisive and fatal blow. It has never been easier to rid ourselves of the annoying and intrusive advertising that gets in the way of the valuable online experiences that are part of our lives. The content filtering capabilities baked into Apple’s iOS9 software sent ad blocking apps soaring to the top of the App Store sales charts.

There are lots more great interviews and contributors lined up as well, so do keep checking back!