Data Privacy gearing up for RightsCon Brussels

We’re delighted to be attending RightsCon Brussels this week, joining a incredible roster of speakers plus new technology showcases all inspiring how we build tomorrow’s internet.

Our founder and Executive Chairman, Julian Ranger, will be giving a Lightening Talk on how we can solve personal data privacy issues through sharing more in the Internet of Me.

This session is part of the Personal Data and Privacy Stream, and other talks in the same session include the next steps at the UN for the right to privacy in the digital age, how we advance human-centric personal data, and why the internet should be decentralised.

Altogether, RightsCon Brussels will bring together 1,300+ attendees from 95 countries with 500+ organisations, tech companies, universities, startups, and governments represented in a three-day event covering current and emerging issues, such as as privacy and data protection, encryption and cybersecurity and the Internet of Things.

It’s going to be interesting, stimulating and exhilarating – and we’re delighted to be a part of it!



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