Data Privacy pushes hoppa bus appeal over the line

Farnham will get a new community hoppa bus after a donation from pushed the fundraising target over the finish line.

Steve Forward, general manager at hoppa says: “We were tantalisingly close to reaching our target but were short by £1,000. When we got the call from to say they wanted to help, I was thrilled. Although every penny donated to our appeal is highly valued, this was the gift that gave us the last push to reach our target, making it particularly memorable.”

Roger Goscomb, CFO & COO of, said: “When we heard about how important hoppa is to the community and how close they were to being able to buy the new hoppa Farnham Community bus, we wanted to help.

“Being connected is so important: just as our work helps people connect to their data to take control of their digital lives, hoppa connects its customers with their community, giving them control of their real-world lives.”

Demand for hoppa’s services has risen over the past year, adding to the urgency of purchasing the new bus and getting it on the road.

Hoppa offers a vital service to its customers, providing low-cost, convenient transport, which is also accessible to people with disabilities. It provides a door-to-door service to popular destinations such as supermarkets, hospitals and health centres and stations. Many of its customers are older people who no longer drive or people with disabilities with limited transport options.

Hoppa is held in high regard by its customers for its friendly, high quality service and is often described as a lifeline to people who may otherwise lose their independence or become isolated. started out in 2009, offering an innovative tool that enabled users to gather their social media content. Today, its groundbreaking technology allows consumers to gather together their personal data into one place and share it on their terms. The app enables individuals to view all their online data in a secure environment, such as banking, shopping habits and health data, and share it with third parties if they wish for service, convenience or reward.

The new hoppa bus will go into service from Monday 10 April.