Data Privacy

Demonstrating consent access at the BNP Paribas international hackathon in Paris was delighted to attend BNP Paribas’s International Hackathon Weekend, which took place in ten cities around the globe simultaneously.

We were part of Paris event, where challenges included finding solutions to common banking problems, and chose to try and solve the problem of authenticating documentation on demand

Our solution told the story of Jean, who is trying to buy a new car in a hurry but has yet to sort out any financing.

No problem! Normally that would take ages, but in our scenario his bank, BNP, is working with, which streams in all his data sources. Now he is in control of his online life and can share his data with any party he wants

So Jean requests a quote from his BNP mobile banking app. BNP will need to see some of his personal data, so the app triggers a consent certificate to Jean’s account, stating what is being shared and why, and whether it is GDPR compliant. The data is then retrieved from Jean’s library, passed to BNP and run through their pricing engine. So far, so good.

Eligibility is checked and an offer sent in real time – but – small problem – it is conditional on seeing Jean’s ID. To meet this challenge, we provided a functionality for Jean to upload a picture of his passport to his Document Vault, where the data is automatically read, stored and shared with the bank, as well as authenticated.

The loan approval document is sent and Jean receives confirmation on his phone.

No more waiting for days or even minutes. Simply real time

Simple, scalable and secure. It’s proven. Welcome to the world of sharing. Welcome to