Data Privacy

Great news – you can now add financial data to your

We’ve very excited that you can now add details of your finances to your library.

Having your financial accounts in one place within allows you to take control of your money and gain greater insight into your spending, and is just the start of enhanced social streams that will soon inclue data from every area of your life.

Once you’ve added your bank accounts details, you can keep track of balances and payments, as well as what’s coming in and what’s going out, while spending categories let you see where your money goes for better budgeting.

You can also search across all your accounts for a particular transaction or by vendor.

Adding financial data is done via Yodlee, a service that allows consumers to securely consolidate and manage their financial information on the web. More information about what exactly that means, and why it’s completely secure, can be found here.

Getting started couldn’t be simpler. You will need to visit our product page to download the latest version of the app, because we have given it a complete upgrade so it can accommodate different streams of data as well as social.

Then you will be prompted to create a library with Dropbox – being based in the cloud means that, for the first time, your central library can be accessed on all your devices. Once you’ve done that, follow the prompts to add as many accounts as you want.

This is a major new feature and it is still early days, so all feedback is welcome. This can be given simply by shaking mobile devices or clicking the bug icon on desktop.

You will notice that your finance details are laid out a little differently from a normal statement list, because as part of the data normalisation our app does, we display a timeline tapestry of your life. This tiled display is customisable, and you can create favourite saved searches and organise your data how it makes best sense to you.

We have many more sources of data and new features in the works, but the next one up is Google Drive as an alternative home for your library. If you would like to be part of the beta for that, you can sign up at