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Data Hack Iceland update: third-party apps being built on!

Our Data Hack Iceland 2017 event last month was a huge success, and we thought it was about time we gave you an update about some of the great ideas that sprung to life there.

Four of the apps – VaxAbroad, Sensei, Fin-Tin-Der and meets Arion Banki – are now coming to life as part of the first suite of third-party apps being built on the platform – a very exciting time for both us and their creators!

VaxAbroad, which was the non-profit category winner at the hackathon, makes it easy to inform people what vaccinations are needed for different countries. Check out some screenshots here.

Sensei is an AI bot that runs natively on your phone and is able to chat you, providing useful information based on your social media, health and financial data. For example, Sensei can tell you if you are spending too much on lattes at Starbucks this month. See more here.

Fin-Tin-Der is the future of dating apps, basing matches on people’s finances and spending habits. So it looks at things such as what are the top five merchants you spend money with? And would you date someone who shared favourite brands such as IKEA, Iceland Air, Amazon, Crunch Fitness and KFC? meets Arion Banki is an app that captures and imports your transaction data from Icelandic banks into your app.

Work is also progressing on grand prize winner Tinderest, an app that understands your preferences, social behaviour, financial information and health data, with a view to including it on a new travel app – more on that when we can share it!

Tinderest uses matching algorithms and AI to automatically suggests things to do in a new destination based on the behaviour of other people with similar profiles, needs and tastes – check it out here.

So all in all, a very exciting suite of apps to start our third-party journey with – we’ll keep you updated, as always, when we have new developments to share!