Data Privacy

Use Join us to help test new features!

Here at, updates are coming to our app at a dizzying pace.

We’re always looking at what new data streams we can add, and once these are in place we ask our trusted Insiders Community to give them a final test before we release them to the live version.

What is our Insiders Community, you may ask? It is simply users of our app, who are as passionate about what we are doing around personal data as we are, and who want to work with us to help create the best possible experience.

We think these things are very much the more, the merrier – so we’d like to invite anyone interested in helping steer our progress to come along and join.

Our Insiders are certainly early adopters of progressive technology, but the only other criteria is some time to test new features and feed back to us if you hit any snags.

Globally, we have released Google Drive and Fitbit but always welcome more tests, and we will be adding Garmin and Spotify in the new year. If you want to be among the very first to get a look at these, sign up here. We are also testing a Buzzmoji tile, and looking for any feedback on the onboarding process in general.

In the United States, we are currently recruiting users to our healthcare medical data beta programme in Hackensack, New Jersey, and, if you are a patient or past patient there, you can sign up for that here.

So don’t be shy – come and help us shape the future of!