Why digi.me is launching a new API and SDK for integrated social data

By Shane Green (@shanegreen on Twitter) and Tarik Kurspahic (@TarikTech)

Anyone familiar with digi.me and our mission knows we are focused on empowering people with their data. We are building a data-driven future aligned with the needs and interests of people — where individuals can securely and privately aggregate, analyse and share massive quantities of data from across their life.

This user-centric approach to data also holds enormous promise for developers and companies who want to collaborate with their users in a win-win data partnership.

We think social data is a great place to start, and we have launched a new API and SDK for accessing normalised, integrated user data from five of the top social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Flickr.

The idea is simple:

— A single integration to access tons more social data from your users wherever they may be

— Break free of onerous terms of service

— More data + new rules such as GDPR = more opportunity to innovate

— Fully GDPR complient

— Democratising data by promoting the mission of empowering people

We are constantly amazed at the things people build when they have access to data and the freedom to innovate. Digi.me provides a permission-based way for you to seek access to ever-expanding datasets far beyond social, including financial, wearables, health and entertainment directly from your users.

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