Announcements Data Privacy Highlights Innovation founder Julian Ranger named as one of top 100 digital identity influencers’s Julian Ranger and Joanne Cooper, founder of our Australia and New Zealand partner ID Exchange, have both been named in One World Identity’s Top 100 digital influencers list.

The list, which recognises pioneers who are leading the charge to improve identity, ranges from individuals to members of large organisations, and covers both the public sector and non-profit bodies.

Others to make the list include CV Madhukar, of investor Omidyar Network, and Colin Wallis of the Kantara Initiative, where Julian is a board member.

Julian said: “Our identity is the core of who we are, in the real work and in the digital one.

“We own our identity in the real world and are able to control who sees what aspects about us, and what we keep private in any relationship.

“We need to be able to do the same in the digital world – own and control our identity. This is what we are doing at, moving to the next phase of the internet – an Internet of Me – ensuring we own and control our identity, and all the associated activity information which makes us who we are.”

Joanne said: “Your identity coupled with consent equates to countless decisions being gathered and stored, playing an increasingly important role in the digital economy.

“Small tasks that once upon a time we ‘just did’ may now be recorded, measured and compiled in the vastness of data lakes.

“In an ‘always connected’ future delivering faster transactions, robotics and the advancing Internet of Me/Internet of Things era, we must enable simple and secure controls for consumers so they can decide how to enjoy their unique digitally enriched life.” will be speaking and hosting a hackathon at One World Identity’s KNOW Identity Conference in Washington D.C at the end of March.