Digi.me link-up with Mafematica to revolutionise Super Funds management

Planning for Australia’s do-it-yourself Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) pensions will be vastly simplified as the result of a new partnership between UK personal data platform digi.me and new era investment and behavioural planning tool Mafematica.

The deal will combine digi.me’s ability for users to securely add their personal finance data and store it safely in a personal cloud they own and control, with Mafematica’s powerful engine of investment choices, retirement forecasts and associated investment transactions.

The result will be simplified retirement planning, with up-to-date analytics and retirement forecasts helping SMSF trustees to easily stay on top of their retirement planning and in control of their finances, all privately and securely.

Digi.me Founder and Executive Chairman Julian Ranger said: “Self-Managed Super Funds are important to many Australians’ future financial security.

“When Mafematica identified digi.me as the solution to source data for their fund management platform, and to provide data back to the individual using digi.me’s unique platform where the individual owns and controls their own data, we recognised this as a great example of how innovation can be undertaken using personal data in a private and secure manner.

“We are pleased to be chosen by Mafematica and see this as a great example for the FinTech community as a whole.”

Derek Condell, Mafematica CEO, said: “We loved the idea of a partnership with digi.me, and how SMSF Trustees can confidently use the Mafematica system without their data being held directly by Mafematica.”

Through Mafematica, SMSF Trustees can fine tune a retirement estimate based on their own data, such as age, actual investments and size of fund. They can view various graphics and a wide range of other, professionally constructed investment portfolios to analyse for their retirement cashflow forecasts and then purchase securities or managed funds via a choice of stockbrokers and other service providers.

ID Exchange, digi.me’s Australian partner, facilitated the implementation of Mafematica, a firm that shares founder Joanne Cooper’s strong belief that consumers are well overdue for the benefits of disruption in the SMSF area.

She said: “You’re on to a winner when you can bring personal information within the secure and compliant, but simplified, constructs of digi.me; constructs that give transparency and agility around the traditionally legally complex processes of SMSF investment decisions.

“Finally, we have a platform like digi.me that can be used by deep category firms such as Mafematica to assemble an app that helps power wealth and income creation in a consumer centric way.

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