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Consumers gain new personal data security through Vault Systems and ID Exchange partnership

Two Australian tech companies have announced a collaboration that will revolutionise the ability of consumers to protect themselves from the digital theft of their personal data.

Secure cloud storage firm Vault Systems and ID Exchange will be working together to present consumers with the premier option for self-sovereign cloud-based storage.

The partnership provides even more value as it comes on the back of ID Exchange’s exclusive Australian representation of UK personal data platform was founded by serial entrepreneur Julian Ranger, whose previous company STASYS, which he sold to Lockheed Martin in 2005, developed worldwide Military Internet Interoperability Solutions.

Theft of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is on the rise, with millions of global consumers and businesses affected by cybercrime on an annual basis. Vault Systems is one of only a handful of organisations certified to provide next-generation secure data storage to the Australian government. The partnership with ID Exchange, and, allows customers to hold all their personal data (social, financial, health and more) on their personal cloud secured in Australia with a best of breed solution at all steps of the process.

“This collaboration ensures Australians may select an onshore cloud service that mirrors’s military-grade design; providing what would typically be considered an enterprise product at an affordable price point for individuals,” said Joanne Cooper, Managing Director of ID Exchange.

Trust is the prime factor for platforms such as, where the app acts as an automated librarian and postman for countless consumer-based data transactions where privacy, consent management, security and data sovereignty are paramount. “Feedback from everyday Australians tells us that consumers don’t want their sensitive or private information cascading around borderless data centre facilities. Considering we are talking about your ultimate master record of personal data, we knew that working with Australian cloud security leader Vault Systems to develop such an offering was the natural fit,” she said.

The app is free for consumers and the business does not see, touch or hold any personal data. This showcases a paradigm shift around the handling of consumer-controlled universal data. The Australian Federal Productivity Commission’s Data Use and Availability has ignited the app development community to maximise the utility of personal data in a compliant “privacy by design” manner.

“Vault Systems is pleased to partner with and ID Exchange on this initiative, which allows sensitive personal data to be secured within Australian borders,” said Rupert Taylor-Price, Founder and CEO of Vault Systems.

“Our government community cloud is the security leader in Australian cloud systems, certified by the Australian Signals Directorate to provide secure storage for both protected and unclassified data.”