Announcements Data Privacy announces Jim Pasquale as EVP Interoperability to accelerate cooperation amongst personal data solutions

I am delighted to announce that Jim Pasquale, currently EVP North America, will take on the important new role of EVP Interoperability with immediate effect.

Privacy, security and interoperability have always been the three core business principles guiding’s vision and remain the focus of all we do to return control over personal data to individuals, for the benefit of all.

Privacy and security are critical to our app and Consent Access platform and are baked in to every development our technical teams make. is 100 per cent private because we never see, hold or touch data, and we have made securing that information our priority, utilising best-in-class distributed architecture and data encryption so we can reliably say that your data is safer with than where it came from.

Increasingly, how our platform works with other data streams and becomes usable across different formats and methods of exchange is assuming even greater importance.

We have done a lot of work under the Interoperability banner, including serving on the global boards of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum and the Kantara Initiative. This has included sponsoring the recently created Consent Best Practices Working Group at Kantara and sponsoring Trust activities with the MEF. However, there is much more to do to make the vast potential of the personal data ecosystem a reality and ensure that individuals’ data is never locked into any system and, with consent, can be used as widely and easily as possible.

Investing additional money and resources into this at a senior level is critical to keep building momentum in this area, and I am delighted that Jim has accepted this crucial role with immediate effect. With his extensive experience in technology, passion, and many years operating at the heart of the personal data world and his extensive relationships across the innovation, technical and standards landscape, he is absolutely the right person for the role.

Explaining his priorities for the new role, Jim said: “Interoperability is more than just the ability for individuals to take their data along with them, and more about freedom of choice for individuals seamlessly moving data in and out of other ecosystems, platforms, including those based on Blockchains. It has an intrinsic value to both sides of the B2C and C2B equation. Some refer to this as hyper-relevance, but it is more about putting customers first starting with trust around data.

“With a variety of international standards groups from WEF, IEEE, and Kantara, to un-conferences and conferences like Internet Identity Workshop and the many in between – launching a collaborative effort to bring these like-minded interests together ultimately serves both individuals and businesses with better and stronger integrations.”