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Why the answer to relentless demand on our health services is empowering patients with data

We were delighted to be asked to contribute a thought leadership blog to TechUK’s #ReadyforWinter Campaign Week.

Pressure on our health services, tough at the best of times, always worsens over winter – and this past season was the worst yet for the NHS.

In times of trouble, looking to technology to help solve problems and create efficiencies is the natural thing to do and we think patient centricity – empowering patients with their own data – is the obvious answer. And, of course, is the solution for the delivery of that magic bullet.

As TechUK explained in the preface to the blog series: “Technology can enable people and healthcare professionals to reduce unnecessary demand, keep people flowing through the system and ensure that decisions are being made using the best data and analytical tools.”

Click here to read the post, by our Founder and Executive Chairman Julian Ranger, in full – we hope you enjoy it!