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Why you need data from a single accurate source – the individual

Integrating multiple personal data streams is how we get a rounded view of personal insights or common experiences. But doing so brings its own issues where data has been held in different formats.

As everyone from health services running multiple systems to governments to aggregation services can testify, there is pain and time involved in integrating data from varied sources and reformatting it to try and make it all work together. Sometimes, it’s just an impossible task.

This is where the importance of data normalisation comes in – and doing this job properly, once, means multiple other data sources can be added in the future with no additional pain. uses industry-leading data normalisation technology, taking care of the hardest parts of normalising data and enabling users to see – and share – all their data streams, wherever they come from, on our app.

This means developers can easily and effectively innovate with us as well, building on top of our platform and being able to rely on using consented normalised data.

Crucially, if all of the data stored with the individual is normalised, then this is another reason, alongside accuracy and trust, as to why the individual is the best source of all the data about them. One single, consented, deep in time, rich and 100 per cent accurate data stream just can’t be bettered for innovation or sharing purposes.

Making personal data truly personal makes sense on every single level.