We’re Digital Innovator WINNERS

Digital Innovator winnersWe’re delighted to announce that digi.me was chosen as the winner of the Life Changer category at the Digital Innovators 2018 competition last night.

The award, which is the culmination of the Digital Innovators Power List chosen last year by international law firm Bird&Bird, saw 50 companies whittled down to a final six.

Each pitched to the judges and answered questions, before a winner for each of the Life Changer and Market Transformer categories was announced.

The judges thought the time for digi.me was very much now, and said they were impressed by the fact our platform and its capabilities could benefit anyone.

Shing Lo, Partner at Bird & Bird says: “With the increasing amount of investment in London’s technology sector, the City’s position on the global digital stage has never been more important.

“This year’s winners of Digital Innovators are excellent examples of the many ways in which technology is transforming the world.

“Alongside City A.M. and our partners, we are thrilled to recognise these inspiring companies and provide them with a network and the professional support they need to further develop their businesses.”

Digi.me CEO Rory Donnelly said: “We’re very grateful to Bird&Bird and City AM for choosing us for the initial shortlist and are absolutely thrilled to have won such a prestigious award.

“To be recognised as one of the most innovative companies in the UK is true testament to all the digi.me team who have worked tirelessly on getting us to the position of being leaders in the personal data space.

“We are incredibly excited about what the future holds in store for this market and are fully determined to ensure that digi.me remains at the forefront of empowering individuals with their data and enabling them to share it with businesses, leading to an explosion in innovation.”

Our Chief Strategy Office Andrew Carmody, who successfully pitched the innovation and talent behind what we do to the judges in the final, said: “To have won Digital Innovators 2018 has enormous impact on what we do.

“We for the last four or five years have been really been driven by one mission, and that’s to empower individuals with their data.

“Many things have happened in the news in the last so many months, that have brought this to the public attention. What Digital Innovators has done is now taken that a step higher and said this is important.”

He added: “It’s good that the very simple idea about consumers owning their idea is being recognised.

“More importantly, consumers are coming round to that idea.”

The Market Transformer category was won by What3Words, a navigation company which divides the world into 3m by 3m squares, each with unique three-word identifier, to make finding locations easier.

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