Digi.me sponsors STEM Games in Bosnia and Croatia


Digi.me was delighted to sponsor the internationally-recognised STEM Games competition in Bosnia and Croatia this year.

The general theme of the STEM Games 2018 is NextGen Society, which challenges competitors to reflect on what the future and technology development will bring and how technology advances can change the society we live in.

These are excellent events which give participants valuable problem-solving experiences as well as the chance to increase their knowledge and tech skills.

We are a general sponsor of STELEKS – a student association of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Sarajevo – and our funding allowed some students to take part.

Our founder Julian Ranger gave the below speech to the winners in Sarajevo last week – read and be inspired!

“As the founder of digi.me I believe passionately in the value of STEM and as a company we are keen to support greater take-up of STEM in the regions where we work.

“Personally I am immensely proud to be an engineer – a trained aeronautical engineer, a Fellow of the IMechE, a Chartered Engineer and Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Engineers.

“I started programming back in 1979 – 39 years ago. I started on a teleprinter machine  where I wrote programs to punched paper tape.  Then we would connect to a mainframe 30 miles away via acoustic coupler, run the tape to enter the program, get printed answers, go offline and iterate.

“I went to university in 1981 where technology had moved on to punch cards – a leap forward.  I then got my first personal computer a year later in 1982 with cassette tape storage. The technological progress seemed amazing then – it is even faster now.

“My first real job was working on the Tornado F3 fighter aircraft where we ran the whole aircraft off a 32K solid ferrite core main computer initially.   A fraction of a fraction of what we hold in our hands today with our phones – a very different set of challenges programming in assembler language then.

“But how does all this relate to today and what you have been doing in the STEM games?

“As a result of my STEM career I have been able to innovate across many different areas, have been privileged to have created world changing technology in the areas I have worked in – and had enormous variety and fun doing so.

“This is one of those careers where every day brings new challenges and new opportunities to work on amazing life changing projects.

“I have worked on nearly every fast jet program in Europe and the US, have been instrumental in the networking and interoperability aspects of the military internet, built a worldwide military and space networks business, worked on how to get man to Mars and more.  My STEM education and career has given me a fascinating and fulfilling life.

“Luckily it doesn’t stop there – today with digi.me we are truly changing the world again.   With a team of 50 engineers, and growing, we are creating the new consumer internet where the individual owns and controls their data – solving privacy issues, but also enabling us to do much much more with our data.

“This is the future that awaits all of you if you stay in the STEM world – I can promise you an exciting and fulfilling career.

“I have only two pieces of advice – both I know you will follow them because you have all participated in this event.

“Firstly keep learning – technology changes and we must as engineers change with it.

“We must read widely and experience the world widely so we can bring innovation from one area to another and can stimulate new thoughts.

“If you have a learning mind set you will be successful – I know all of you do here because you are part of these STEM games

“Secondly, technology is a team sport – we have to work together to create new innovations, to make advances.

“Communication skills and team skills are as important as your basic STEM skills.

“You have worked in teams for this event and I hope you can see that when it comes to working together 1+1 really does equal 3.

“Keep learning throughout your career, and keep working on communicating with your team members and you will have a successful, interesting and fun career working for many different businesses, some your own and some like digi.me.

“There really is no better choice in my view.

“Congratulations to the winners, but importantly congratulations to everyone here – those that participated and those that made the event happen.

“STEM is important to us all and at digi.me we look forward to supporting you all to encourage further STEM uptake throughout Bosnia and the surrounding countries.  At digi.me we are always available to support you as institutions and as individuals – please just ask.”

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