Data Privacy Health Highlights used as a case study in Future Agenda’s global Future of Patient Data report’s vision for patient centricity, where individuals are put in control of their own health data, has led to us being used as a case study in Future Agenda’s global Future of Patient Data report alongside Apple, iCarbonX, Deepmind and Amazon.

As we stand on the cusp of a revolution in healthcare provision, the report explores several emerging issues which are dividing opinion around the world.

These include how best to accommodate rising data sovereignty concerns, the privatisation of health information and the growing value of health data.

Case studies of companies doing valuable work in this area have been sprinkled among the views of more than 300 experts worldwide.

Here is a key paragraph from the one explaining’s work: “With the advent of GDPR across Europe and US regulation requiring healthcare providers to all create citizen-facing APIs to enable automated data download, the company is expanding quickly.

“Having merged with its US rival, is now working in partnership with a number of EU health systems as well as over 100 healthcare providers in the US via formats including Epic, Cerner and Blue Button.

“As the global ambition for more patient control of their data, many see and similar platforms setting the standards.”

We are delighted to be forging a path in a patient-centric future that puts individuals firmly at the heart of their healthcare, and we look forward to bringing you more developments in this field soon.

You can read the full report here.