London Tech Week is here and we’re ready for our next hackathon!

We’re delighted to be sponsoring HackXLR8, the official hackathon of London’s famous and mighty Tech Week.

Last year’s event was really successful, featuring over 400 entrants,  13 final demos and three winners.

This year’s HackXLR8 will take place over June 13 and 14 at ExCel London, focusing on the three themes of the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Mobility and Green Tech.

The official challenge to developers is to build a cool and innovative app using our Consent Access (CA) private sharing plaform, with a focus on using social, financial, health and wearables data to make private sharing real.

Developers will be able to leverage’s Consent Access private sharing platform to help them overcome both the possibilities and potential pitfalls of the IoT challenge, for example.

In Smart Mobility, how could smart parking, ride-sharing, multi-modal journey planning or city analysis be made better through consented private sharing?

Or what about using CA for rewards-based incentives for good work in social good or sustainability as part of Green Tech?

The world of possibilities really is wide open here!

We also have a crack team – including our CTO Gavin Ray, CPO Fab de Liberali, Creative  Direct Pascal Wheeler and UX/UI Developer Oliver Leung – on hand to mentor and guide the hackers.

So we’re sharing our latest and greatest tech, and some of our best people – we really can’t wait to see what the hackers come up with!

On your marks, get set…

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