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Introducing the winners of our latest hackathon at London Tech Week!

We’ve just finished another two-day hackathon, this time as sponsors of the TechXLR8 event at London Tech Week, and once again we were blown away by the quality of the ideas developed.


Solutions among the 13 that made it to the demo stage ranged from addressing energy poverty, awareness of water consumption and improving recycling to smart parking platforms, in-fridge machine learning to aid smart food choices and an in-your-pocket tool to collate all your smart devices.

All were well thought out and developed, which was all the more impressive as some teams had only met each other the day before.


The overall hackathon cash prize winners were Activate, whose app idea for matching those with limited movement to help them get active together won them £2,000.

Second place went to Givenergy, for their app which lets communities help each other by sharing energy in real time.

Zen Routes, which highlights commuter stress spots by aggregating wearables data and then tries to make them more chilled, was the winner of the growth prize.

Guide Me, which helps the visually impaired navigate using AR and AI, won mentoring sessions from, while fridge-based learning app F00-D won some mentoring from hackathon co-sponsor URBAN-X.

Well done to all the teams!