Data Privacy

Iceland gets sweeping new personal data control laws

Iceland has become the latest country to give its citizens more rights over their personal data.

A new privacy act, based on Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), came into force last week.

It gives Icelanders significant new powers over their personal data, including the right to know who is using their information, how it is processed, and the ability to request that this be stopped.

The new law puts power over their personal information back in the hands of consumers, and also places greater demands on Icelandic companies and institutions to be transparent about their data use.

Many Icelandic companies are not yet ready for this seismic shift in control and, in response, a Facebook group has already formed of Icelanders lobbying for the return of their personal data.

The ‘I want my personal data’ group has almost 2,000 members already and will undoubtedly expand significantly over the coming weeks and months. Through this group, lawyers will, free of charge, help citizens request their data under the new law, by sharing letter templates and advice.

It is hoped that the group will help raise awareness of these important new rights that Icelanders have been granted. is active in Iceland, with our partner Dattaca Labs, and also working with other local companies to develop apps based on the return of personal data to the individual and consented sharing.

We are delighted this new law is in place, and look forward to the personal data revolution that is happening across Europe continuing to spread.