Data Privacy Developer

Building a world around collecting and sharing personal data easily, securely and privately

Ease has become one of the biggest experiences consumers seek as tech moves to simplify more and more of our lives.

But tech can also simplify other tech. Take personal data, for example. More and more companies are offering ways for consumers to download their data, either because they need to comply with the EU GDPR regulations, or simply because returning data to the individual who created it is the right thing to do.

But the obvious issue here, no matter how straightforward the API access, and how good the user experience, is that each can only offer the data they hold, from their particular silo.

But collating data is good – not just for personal insight into all of your health data, for example, or because it’s easier to understand and plan when you have all of your financials in one place, but for innovation and personalisation. And it’s not just good to individuals, it’s good for business and organisations that want to know their users and serve them better too.

Which is where comes in. As our EVP Tarik Kurspahic writes in a great new article, our app can integrate data from dozens of sources in minutes using a single API integration.

Fully secure and private, it is also GDPR compliant, and we’re working with everyone from bright startups to established companies looking to do more with data – for everyone’s sakes.

And once collected, data can also be shared, with full user consent that can be revoked at any time, through’s Consent Access platform. It truly is a win, win for all concerned, and we’re excited for the possibilities.

So find out more and get involved in the future of personal data here!