See’s Julian Ranger at the Big Tent Ideas Festival on Saturday

The Big Tent Ideas Festival, which aims to open up discussion and ask the big questions around social, technological and economic renewal, is back for a second year – and our founder and Executive Chairman Julian Ranger will be speaking.

Taking place at the Babraham Research Centre just outside Cambridge on Saturday, September 8, the event is based around eight tents, covering such diverse areas as hopes and fears, society and Punch and Judy politics. There are 200+ speakers, including 20 MPs.

Julian will be taking part in a debate in the tech tent from 5-5.50, looking at whether the UK should lead the way in the next evolution of the personal internet, or be a bystander – no prizes for guessing which side he’s backing!

He will be speaking alongside Andrew Carmody and Susan Walton, founder and director of The Health Data Exchange respectively, as well as others.

They will discuss how innovation will centre around where data is available and spread from there, and how to lead the way globally we need to embrace a shift to placing the individual at the centre of their digital lives, owning and controlling their own data.

This is a shift the Government can lead with health and other data, through measures such as tax – and they will argue that if we embrace this one simple change then we will all be able to do more with personal data not less. This will lead to significant economic gains across all consumer-focused sectors of the economy, and will stimulate the next wave of technology innovation – one where the UK can be a leader rather than a follower.

You can find out more about the Big Tent Ideas Festival and purchase tickets here, or follow all the action on Twitter at #BigTentIdeasFest




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