Data Privacy Highlights’s four minutes on CNN explaining our personal data privacy solution

Our US CEO Shane Green has been interviewed on CNN International’s Quest Means Business about how empowers people with their personal data.

Our new app ecosystem for developers was also discussed, as part of a four-minute segment explaining how our groundbreaking tech works, and the benefits it brings.

Some key quotes below – but a watch of the whole segment is well worth your time!

“…allows individuals to plug into more than 15,000 different sources of data about themselves, aggregate it in one private and secure place that they control, and then set permissions on which apps or services get access to it. That’s exactly what we’re focused on, is putting this control back in the hands of individuals.”

“(Your data) is living in all these different siloes. When you get your arms around all of that data in one place, it gives you as an individual that unique competitive advantage to decide which other services get access, and that really gives you the differentiation in powering these apps. Your data conbined in that way really lets any of those apps leapfrog the competition.”

“What we’re doing right now is basically firing the starting gun in a race to the top among developers, to not only create the best apps and the most value for you from your data, but also showing at the same time what good stewards they can be of your data.”

“App developers building on our platform…are creating very easy-to-use, compelling apps that maybe even do some of the things that others apps you’re already using do, like help you with managing your personal finances, but when they tell you we will do this with complete respect for your privacy, completeĀ  control over the data and we will never do anything with that data that you don’t know about, that’s very different. We’re starting to find that people listen up.”