Data Privacy Developer Events

It’s a personal data hackathon with a €2,500 prize – come and join us in Sarajevo!

Calling all developers, hackers, creatives and geeks!

After the success of previous hackathons in Iceland and London, which were brimming with creativity and brilliant app ideas, we’re doing it all over again.

The next hack takes place in……drum roll….. Sarajevo from October 13-14. And this one has a grand prize of €2,500 for the best solution around personal data innovation.

Sign up now to get on board with 24 hours of fun where you can get playful with a data set permissioned directly from a user with structured data from across their life, including health, finance and shopping, social and wearables.

If you’re a developer who has a vision of a world where you can create apps, insights and personalised experiences using 100 per cent accurate data, and with full privacy, security and user control, well, then this is for you!

So, what will you create? Maybe something that would solve a critical issue for you, your city, environment, health group or even a local school? The only limit is your imagination!

Teams will be building apps using the Consent Access SDK available on iOS (Swift) and Android (Java) .

Judges include Tarik Kurspahić, EVP Technology at, Jakob Gajšek, General Manager of the Ljubljana University Incubator and Faris Začina, Founder and CEO of the Ministry of Programming.

They will be judging app ideas against criteria including how fundable they are, how well executed, how much thought has been given to UI/UX, and how original and scalable the solution is.

So sign up now – come along and help unlock the full value of personal data while allowing individuals to stay in control!