Our new Sand app: where privacy meets social analytics


Our new Sand app brings personal social media analytics to your phone, using your own data.

Sand, which is powered by digi.me’s private sharing technology, provides dozens of personal analytics on social data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Flickr.

This gamechanger means social media analytics are no longer just the preserve of marketeers and platforms such as Buffer and Hootsuite – now anyone can quickly and easily find out fascinating insights such as what time of day their posts get most engagement, for example, or on which day of the week.

You can also quickly see which content over the past year received the most likes, comments or shares, as well as which keywords, hashtags and emojis you use most often.

Our US CEO Shane Green explains more in this Medium post about why Sand is so revolutionary – and why you should download it from the App Store now.

WATCH: Sand app over featuring private sharing  |  In conversation: Sand app in depth

He has also made two videos (above) to show its impact and scope. The first is a short overview of the app itself, featuring his own analytics.

The second video features a conversation with digi.me EVP for Technology Tarik Kurspahic. Enjoyable whether you’re new to privacy and data, or if you are a founder or developer looking to build a new app based on your own ideas, find out how powerful “edge processing” is done and the basics of “app to app private sharing.”

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