Digi.me wins fintech hackathon with our open banking solution


We are delighted to announce that a team from digi.me won the first ever MKB fintechlab hackathon in Hungary.

Teams from around the world gathered in Budapest to create workable prototypes within 30 hours aimed at the future of banking, using APIs from MKB Bank and its partners.

Our team chose the challenge of developing a solution to incentivise financial self-care in the open data world, and built one combining health, social, activity and MKB banking data to help users become more conscious of their money.

The inspiration for the app came from the fact that many people have similar problems around money – they feel unable to make good financial decisions, as well as overwhelmed by the data and apps available.

The team decided that the main problem with how banks operate was around the user journey – and so tackled that problem.

The solution was a centralised platform powered by digi.me, with a combination of data helping users to better understand their spending patterns and habits, as well as offering the opportunity for tailored financial products when appropriate.

The team gathered health, social and wearables data using the digi.me platform, combined it with financial data from the MKB API, and then built a Swift iOS fintech app to demonstrate how the two datasets could be effectively combined into one solution for the end user.

Challenges included the huge amount of work that needed completing within 30 hours, which came after a 10-hour journey to get to Hungary, but the team is (justifiably) very proud of what they managed to achieve in two days.


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