Data Privacy Highlights

A fantastic year in review: awards, hackathon wins and the evolution of our amazing apps!

It’s traditional at this time of the year to look back over the past 12 months – and what a stunning year it has been! From some very successful partnerships Down Under, through multiple awards and international hackathons, here are our highlights of 2018:


– A great way to start the year: launched a new API and SDK for integrated social data, as part of a data-driven future that holds enormous potential for developers and anyone keen to do more with personal data.


– Our Founder and Executive chairman Julian Ranger was named as one of the top 100 digital identity influencers.

– We also announced a slew of partnerships in Australia, including with SISS to give bank data back to Australians, a fintech collaboration with Mainframe Cloud, revolutionising Super Funds management with Mafematica and helping consumers protect themselves from digital theft.


– We were delighted to be asked to contribute a thought leadership blog to TechUK’s #ReadyforWinter Campaign Week, writing on why we need to empower patients with data.

– We also co-hosted the KNOW Identity hackathon in Washington.


– As GDPR neared, we explained again why it will stimulate innovation and ultimately benefit us all, over and above giving us more rights over our personal data.


– In very exciting news, was chosen as the winner of the Life Changer category at the Digital Innovators 2018 competition.

– We also filmed an episode of the BBC’s flagship technology programme Click, focusing on the impact of GDPR and what this means for personal data…

– …and opened an Innovation Campus to stimulate app development with our Australian partner ID Exchange in Sydney.

– AND we were back in Iceland for another hackathon and Start-Up Iceland event.


– won the Sopra Open Banking challenge.

– Our vision for patient centricity, where individuals are put in control of their own health data, led to us being used as a case study in Future Agenda’s global Future of Patient Data report alongside Apple, iCarbonX, Deepmind and Amazon.

– We also ran another two-day hackathon, this time as sponsors of the TechXLR8 event at London Tech Week.


– came fourth in a personal data hackathon run by the Dutch government.


– We signed up to the important MyData principles, designed to put individuals in control of their own personal data, and able to benefit from it.


– We launched our app store, the iTunes of personal data, with a suite of third-party apps putting individuals in charge of their data and helping  them do more with it.

– Our approach and groundbreaking technology that empowers people with their personal data got four minutes’ coverage on CNN, in a segment interviewing our US CEO Shane Green.

– Julian also spoke at the Big Tent Ideas Festival, explaining how we can do more with personal data with full privacy, security and consent.


– We were delighted to scoop second prize at a Dutch government hackathon looking into ways individuals can own and control their own data.

– We joined forces with ID Exchange and Alibaba Cloud to bring the power of personal data and private sharing to our first Sydney hackathon.


– An important one for us: was recognised as one of the top 100 European digital pioneers by the Financial Times, Google and leading European policy makers.

– We also launched our new Sand app, which brings personal social media analytics to users’ phones, using their own data.


– A team won the first ever MKB fintechlab hackathon in Hungary, aimed at finding the future of banking.

So that was 2018 – we can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!