Data Privacy

Take back control of your personal data on Data Privacy Day 2019

This Data Privacy Day, we are more optimistic than even before that that the message of how our personal data is being misused every day, and how we can all take action to safeguard it, is hitting home.

The very high profile privacy-related events of last year, which include GDPR being implemented and the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, meant personal data was in the news and public consciousness as never before.

That shows no signs of slowing, and we predict some hugely positive moves on the personal data and privacy front in 2019, including GDPR being emulated around the world, and the benefits of holding and sharing health data being the key area that the public latches onto.

But it’s important to stress that data privacy is not just about securing data. Yes, our personal data has been traded under us for far too long. It has been sold on relentlessly, used to target us, and taken in exchange for using free services.

There are many steps we can – and should – take to regain control of this data, and have a much greater say in who it is shared with, and why. Companies such as have products that make that a reality now.

But greater privacy goes hand in hand with innovation. When we have 100 per cent accurate personal data under our control, and it can be shared on a consented basis, its much more valuable to medical research, for example, as well as companies who want to build closer relationships with their customers based firmly on trust.

So from data privacy comes great things for society general – and hurrah say all of us!