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Pushing on the health data revolution through the Nordic Health Hackathon

We’re very proud to be sponsoring something a bit special later this month –  two related hackathons in Finland and Iceland that together form the Nordic Health Hackathon.

The two countries are coming together under one umbrella to find innovative uses for health data, in yet another demonstration of the momentum latching on to the personal data innovation wagon.

We’re very excited to see what solutions come out of the two events. One is being held in Reyjavik, Iceland, from March 22-24, and the second is being held the following week in Helsinki from March 29-31.

With a prize of €10,000 in each location for the best patient-facing digital healthcare solution based on health data, the Nordic Health Hackathon is an amazing opportunity to create something very special.

Why health data? Data is the lifeblood of everything we use, and health data, in particular, offers huge opportunities to increase the quality of life for all – but only if it is used to its full potential.

The purpose of these hackathons is to show how straightforward building consented personal data solutions can be with consented access to the relevant data. Dummy data sets are being supplied by

The hacks are also supported by the Icelandic Government’s Ministry of Social Affairs as well as Iceland’s Arion Bank, which are both offering related challenges and separate prizes.

The Nordics aim to become the most sustainable and integrated health region in the world by 2030, providing the best possible personalised health care for all of their citizens.

The aim of these hackathons is to create a healthy and supportive environment to develop innovative patient-facing digital solutions.

Find out more about the Nordic Health Hackathon on the official website, and you can also follow the hacks’ progress via the Facebook page or through the #NordicHealthHackthon hashtag on Twitter.