Developers, welcome! Come and build on with ethically-sourced data

If you’re a developer interested in the limitless potential of adding fully consented personal data to your app or service, then you need to check out our upgraded developer website.

As ethically-sourced data, security, consent and privacy become the new watchwords, staying on the right side of the regulatory fence is becoming increasingly critical.’s Private Sharing technology is a hands-off cloud service that lets you do just that, while ethically enabling access to personal data so you can customise your online services.

Here’s the lowdown on what you need to know to get going quickly and easily:

What is Private Sharing?

Private Sharing is’s platform, API and SDKs which allow your app or website to request access to personal data, including health, finance and social as well as much, much more, from individuals with a data library.

It does this through a contract that describes what type of data you are requesting, what you want to use it for, what you will and will not do with it, how long it will be retained and how you will implement individuals’ right to be forgotten. Read more here.

Getting an AppID

You can download, configure, customise and run any of our demo apps by registering for an AppID here.

Private Sharing contracts

You will need at least one private sharing contract to use the Private Sharing SDKs. Each contract has a contract ID, a password and a private key that work together to request, download and decrypt personal data shared with your app.

We’ve got sample ones you can use or amend here.

Cloning sample apps and supported platforms

Buttons on the main developer page link you to a sample app for each of the supported platforms. The sample apps are hosted on GitHub as public repositories so anyone can clone them and use as a starting point.

Getting help

Got a problem or have a question that is vexing you? Join our Slack workspace for devs.

What are people building?

Get inspired here, with apps that have already been built!

So what are you waiting for, it’s time to tune in, plug in and go ethical…