Data Privacy featured in Future Agenda’s Future of Digital Identity report

We are delighted to be featured as a case study in the Future of Digital Identity, a new report from Future Agenda.


As the report’s executive summary notes, in a world that is becoming evermore digitally connected, how we resolve our digital identities will prove to be a fundamental underpinning, as well as an enabler, of human progress.

As new solutions move us towards a single Digital ID that helps us navigate this connected world more simply, safely and securely, the promise is that we can do it more privately than currently.

Looking further forward, the report examines how the ways that we digitally manage, share and verify our personal information could redefine the human digital experience.

It anticipates the centres of digital power shifting radically, as well as a profound shift in, as well as the potential collapse of, the current digital business models.

And it heralds the current personal data ‘land grab’ being replaced by a new digital norm in which individuals can finally make meaningful claims to data ownership and control – hurrah!

But, it warns, there are potential pitfalls to navigate along the way, many based around security.

In conclusion, the report says, digital identity is a complex idea, but that should not dissuade us from exploring its potential to transform our collective digital selves for the better.