Data Privacy

Consumers International Summit: Explaining why digital innovation needs data mobility

We’re delighted to be on a plenary at the Consumers International Summit 2019 in Portugal talking about data mobility.

Our Chief Product Officer, the fabulous Fab de Liberali, will be explaining the critical importance of data not just being available to consumers but being mobile, and how that underpins the whole Personal Data Economy.

In a world where the myriad possibilities of digital transformation are becoming clearer and ever-closer to reality, data mobility is how we connect different elements and data streams to each other. With consent, of course.

Combining data streams will enable new insights, products and services – effective data mobility is a massive boon to innovation in all industries and sectors.

Companies such as, which focus on interoperability to blend various data sets in different formats into one common, secure library, then become data facilitators – the essential plumbing that wires multiple sets of complementary data together. This creates new use cases, and new opportunities.

As Fab will say, both data portability and the GDPR data privacy legislation become meaningless if we don’t give consumers the means and the tools to make their lives better.

Data mobility slots in very well with this year’s Summit overall theme of the Digital Hive – exploring how we harness the power of collective intelligence, fostering understanding between those who create digital products and services, and those who use and regulate them.

At its core, the Summit, which runs until tomorrow, looks to answer the question: What could the future look like if we put consumers at the heart of digital innovation?

It will look at both the possibilities and pitfalls of our increasingly digital world and we’re delighted to be part of it, as well as looking forward to lots of fascinating discussions.