Data Privacy wins 3rd prize at Dutch Government Citizen Centricity hackathon is delighted to have been awarded 3rd place at a recent Dutch Ministry of Interior Affairs’ ‘Citizen Centricity’ hackathon.

We were also given a prestigious €50,000 proof of concept mandate to trial various personal data use cases, which will kick-start a strategic partnership with the Dutch government.

These will allow citizens in the Netherlands to own and control a certified copy of their official government records, and share this data privately with both government and non-government service providers.

For this winning use case, worked with local identity solution IRMA, which was provided by the Privacy by Design foundation and spearheaded by Bart Jacobs.

This use case enables a citizen to identify themselves at the Dutch Educational Ministry’s portal,  retrieve their educational certificate and then route it to their personal data store.

We were given the prize for the level of interoperability, scalability and applicability our solution offered, both as a neutral infrastructure and as a consent service upon which any service provider can connect.

This win follows on the heels of winning second prize at another Dutch Government hackathon in October, where we designed an app powered by, enabling an authorised individual to officially register a newborn child.

Our Dutch use cases to date relate to life events – home moves, births and deaths – that need to be registered with the local and national Citizen Register (the “Basis Registratie Persoonsgegevens”). With, user journeys are simplified, service levels enhanced and costs reduced, as citizens can share digital versions of certified copies of their documentation with local government.

These also act as valid proof for life events that require the sharing of official educational and professional certificates, self-certified CVs and third party-issued work references, all for HR purposes during job applications, with non-governmental service providers. Providing these validated claims on documents confirms origin and authenticity, reduces application fraud and increases return on investment for organisations’ personnel investment.

The neutrality and interoperability of’s data routing and consent services offers any party access to serve individuals in a safe, secure and consented way. Such open ecosystem encourages competition and choice for the individual. It enables individuals to own and control their digital footprint, then privately share in return for service, convenience and reward.

To find out more, the contact details for in the Netherlands are:

Rupert Melsom: +44 7552 237750

Inge de Ruijter: +31 641326493