Welcome to a big new release update!

We don’t often shout about our app releases, but this time we are doing things a little differently.

We have recently released a major update to our mobile apps, with some pretty big changes to the way you see, search and share your personal data.

So we wanted to give you all a little more information around what is in there and what you can do with it.

What’s new?

The most obvious change to the app for those who have used it before is the look and feel.

A shiny new bottom menu bar makes it easier than ever to find the app settings, add a data source, and view and search your data.

Implemented in response to feedback about the time it took to add new sources and start seeing your data, now you can simply drop straight into the data view and add the sources you want when you want them.

You will also find a new area on our menu bar for third-party apps. This showcases the apps that your personal data is connected to, as well as the contracts agreed between you and the app provider.

There is also a link to the other apps within the ecosystem that you can share data with. Developers, if you want to add your own apps to the spotlight list, get integrating with, because it’s a race to the top!

If you have come to us through a third-party app, the process of sharing your personal data with that app has become a lot quicker and simpler to do. We have also made it much clearer to see what data you are being asked to share before you commit to actually sharing it.

Changes to Early Access Sources

Until now our early access features haven’t been universally available. But we realised that we need to show all users what is coming in order for them to get the most out of our app.

So we’re opening up our early access sources for everyone who is curious to try them out – let us know how you get on?

Current Early Access Sources include:

England – GP Records

US – 200 new hospitals have been added giving more people the ability to view and share their patient records

US & Canada – You can now connect your bank accounts and view your transaction data

Worldwide – Google Fit

Want to tell us what you want or see what others have suggested?

In the settings area we now have a voting system for new features. This is where you can get involved and share what you want more or less of.

If you have any problems, drop us a line within the app in “settings -> help”, or through our support pages. As with any early release features, there may be the odd bug, but we’ll fix any you find as soon as possible.

And finally if you LOVE our app please do consider giving us a 5* rating on the relevant app store so others are inspired to join us too!